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Max Cup 2020

Max Cup 2020 Registration

Registration deadline July 20, 2020.

You Are Invited

When: August 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th, 2020.

Pool play will start at 8:00 a.m. Wednesday - Friday and will finish at approximately 8:30 p.m.  Saturday play will start at 8:00 a.m. with the championship games being completed by mid-afternoon.  Each team will play a minimum of three games guaranteed & no more then 2 games per day.

Where: All games will be played at fields in the Murray area.

Who: Max Cup 2020 is for Teams U7-U19. Age groups are based on the 2020– 2021 season.

Max Cup 2020 Schedules and Results


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Max Cup 2020 Registration Link

Registration deadline July 20, 2020.

Max Cup Questions

For more information email: 

Or Contact Bobi Whitlock, Max Cup Tournament Director 801-477-6664

Boys Girls BIRTH YEAR Play Format Team Size Up To Guest PlayersAllowed
U7 U7 2014 4v4 8 2
U8 U8 2013 4v4 8 2
U9 U9 2012 7v7 12 3
U10 U10 2011 7v7 12 3
U11 U11 2010 9v9 15 4
U12 U12 2009 9v9 15 4
U13 U13 2008 11v11 18 5
U14 U14 2007 11v11 18 5
U15 U15 2006 11v11 18 5
U16 U16 2005 11v11 18 5
U17 U17 2004 11v11 18 5
U18 - 2003 11v11 18 5
U19 - 2002 11v11 18 5

Eligibility: Teams must be USYSA affiliated and all players and coaches must have a current USYSA picture player card or picture roster.  Teams must be a league team which have or will participate in regularly scheduled league play.

Selection: Murray Max Soccer Club reserves the right to accept or reject any applications in order to provide parity at the highest level of play.  The number of teams will be limited to fit the fields available in Murray.  The tournament is expected to fill quickly.

Play Level: Groups will have anywhere from 1-3 divisions, depending on the number of teams accepted. Your choice will be used in consideration for placement but a specific competitive level is not guaranteed.

Entry Fee:           U7-U8:            $125.00/team

                            U9 & U10:            $475.00/team

                           U11& U12:            $575.00/team

                           U13 – U19:            $675.00/team

Payment: We accept e-checks and credit cards. 

Registration: Initial registration may be done online.  It is understood that players and rosters may change from the time of registration and team check in (the day before the tournament).  Your registration shall not be considered final until receipt of the entry fee and accepted based on space available in your age group brackets.

Requests: Game time requests must be made by July 19th to be considered. Be specific as well as reasonable. Coaching multiple teams, out of town teams, etc...Please let us know of anything that will prevent your team from playing (e.g. year-round school). We will do our best to accommodate requests. Late requests will NOT be accepted or considered.

2020 Max Cup Sponsors

2020 Max Cup Sponsors